Pillows for sleeping: complete guide to Pharmaflex pillows

Pillows for sleeping: complete guide to Pharmaflex pillows

Apr 18, 2023Pharmaflex Ltd.

Pillows for sleeping: complete guide to Pharmaflex pillows

If you still wake up in the morning tired and sore, if you experience constant night wakings or if you need specific support for your very personal condition, then it's time to say goodbye to your old pillow and choose the comfort and quality of the best pillows on the market. What are the pillows for better sleep? The ones designed just for you, made of durable and hypoallergenic state-of-the-art materials, tested extensively and guaranteed by the Ministry of Health. In short, Pharmaflex pillows!

Designed to meet every need, Pharmaflex's pillows for sleeping well all share the same goal: to make you sleep better, of course, but above all to solve all kinds of problems that, in one way or another, affect the quality of your sleep. So let's see what's hiding in Pharmaflex's catalog: for sure, you'll find the perfect pillow that's right for you.


Pharmaflex Standard: the right sleeping pillows for everyone

When we say that the Pharmaflex Standard pillow is a pillow for everyone, we mean everyone. And for a very specific reason. In fact, this device is made in as many as 3 different heights, making it the best pillow for side sleepers as well as back sleepers:

  • 10 cm pillow - also suitable for children and teens, this is the pillow for sleeping well supine. Its height, in fact, ensures proper support for the neck, without forcing it into abnormal positions, while, at the same time, it is the appropriate one for toddlers who sleep on their side.
  • 13.5 cm pillow - with its intermediate height, this pillow meets the needs of those who often vary their sleeping position during the night. In short, a pillow for sleeping well on the side as well as on the back.
  • 15 cm pillow - to sleep well sideways, the 15 cm high pillow is ideal. In fact, its height is roughly equal to the distance between head and shoulder, thus providing proper support for the upper body.

Pharmaflex Standard

All pillows are made of AirCell, a special open-cell formulation that provides both an anti-cervicalgia action, dissipating the weight of the head over the entire surface of the device, and a thermal function, ensuring the right temperature in both winter and summer.


Pharmaflex Cervical: the orthopedic cervical pillows

If, on the other hand, you are looking for an orthopedic pillow to sleep well and wake up without neck pain, then Pharmaflex Cervical will be your best choice. This device, in fact, is a real pillow for sleeping with neck pain.

Thanks to its layered structure, Pharmaflex Cervical reduces pressure points and allows the spinal muscles to relax, easing the tension that prevents proper spacing between the C1 and C7 cervical vertebrae, the site of neck pain. These pillows for good sleep without neck pain are made of as many as 5 layers:

  1. First AirCell layer-this outer layer is made with a special open-cell formula, so it is fully air permeable to give more comfort.
  2. Inner layer for muscle decontraction - made of memory foam, this is the layer that reduces pressure points, relieving neck tension.
  3. Internal layer for vertebral decompression-this layer is composed of viscoelastic material, the purpose of which is to distance the cervical vertebrae.
  4. Inner layer for ventilation - made of polyurethane foam, this layer ensures the breathable function of the neck pillow, making it cool in summer and warm in winter.
  5. Second AirCell layer-this is the second outer layer that, like the first, makes sure your sleeping hours give you comfort and well-being.

Pharmaflex Cervical

Pharmaflex Reflux: the anti-reflux pillow. 

Sleeping well when you suffer from gastroesophageal reflux is almost impossible, and you know this, too. During the night, in fact, stomach acid tends to back up along the esophagus, causing pain and burning. The good news is that with the Pharmaflex anti-reflux pillow, you can solve the problem brilliantly. 

In fact, this orthopedic device is as high as 18 cm, just the height needed to ensure that the head is positioned higher than the trunk. In this way, by promoting an appropriate position to contain the disorder, pillows for sleeping with reflux prevent the rise of acid from the stomach, giving you peaceful and longer nights of sleep.

Pharmaflex Reflux

Among raised sleeping pillows, then, these also offer a high level of comfort, thanks to the material used, namely the same AirCell as orthopedic cervical devices, which, compared to all other products on the market, guarantees comfort, thermal adaptation and, of course, all the support necessary to contain the pathology. Particularly suitable, therefore, both as antireflux pillows and as pillows for sleeping during pregnancy, when such discomfort generally arises between the 26th and 40th weeks.


Pharmaflex Baby: newborn pillow for plagiocephaly and brachycephaly

Although pediatricians' indications say that infants should sleep supine, it is also true that in the presence of plagiocephaly or brachycephaly, that particular cranial deformation typical of the newborn period, this habit is not advisable. On the contrary, very often it is spending many hours sleeping on the back that causes this alteration of the occipital bones.

But because it is never a good idea to have your newborn sleep on his or her side because of the increased risk of SIDS, the infamous crib death, Pharmaflex Baby is just the thing for your child.

In fact, these pillows for supine sleeping, without the head always pressing into the same spot, not only accommodate the infant's head properly, but since they lack a central hole like most of these types of pillows, they provide much-needed head mobility in case of regurgitation, preventing suffocation.

Pharmaflex Baby

Instead of a cavity, in fact, Pharmaflex's plagiocephaly sleeping pillows possess a Safe Disk, which is a circular portion made from material that can memorize the shape of the infant's head, so as not to cause the annoying flattening of the cranial bones. Obviously, since they are proper sleeping pillows intended for babies, Pharmaflex Babies have a through-holing on the entire surface, which allows air recirculation, averting the risk of suffocation.

In short, whatever your problem, entrust your nights to the sleep specialists: you will find the right sleeping pillows for you, which in no time will restore the pleasure of resting peacefully and enjoying a new daily well-being. 

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