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The Evolved Orthopedic Topper

with 7Waves® technology and 2 Layers

for Back Pain


7Waves® technology: First layer of variable amplitude waves based on the 7 zones of the body for natural decompression of the vertebrae. 2 memory foam layers for a comfortable and cozy feel.

Suitable for: those suffering from hernias, protrusions, sciatica, low back pain and widespread pain to return to sleep without interruption and wake up healthy and rested.

  • Spinal decompression: ●●●●●
  • Pressure point reduction: ●●●●●
  • Sciatica: ●●●●●
  • Hernias and protrusions: ●●●●●
  • Lumbago: ●●●●●
  • Cyphosis: ●●●●○
  • Lordosis: ●●●○○
  • Breathability: ●●●●○
  • Stiffness: ●●○○
  • Height: 8cm
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Medical Device approved by Ministry of Health deductible at 19% from tax return

Certificate of complete absence of harmful or toxic substances, both in the padding and in the fabrics that make up the Device

German engineering, product tested and certified by the German Institute for Health and Ergonomics

Product tested and certified by the Italian body for product ergonomics

That's why you can't get rid of annoying back pain:

Have you ever wondered why back pain occurs mainly in the morning?

The latest biomedical research shows that although back pain can be due to a variety of causes, most common spinal disorders often depend on and are fueled by poor posture.

In fact, due to poor posture, during sleep the paravertebral muscles are subjected to the weight of the whole body, remaining under tension. This tension is discharged onto the vertebrae creating compression, as shown in this video. This phenomenon is called:


Compression of the vertebrae and crushing of the intervertebral discs and nerves is the primary cause of the most common and disabling symptoms of back pain.

New Technology for Vertebral Decompression is born:

To prevent compression of the vertebrae, we have patented an innovative orthopedic-type Mattress for back pain, which can perform 2 functions:

- Muscle Function: Due to its layered structure, it is able to distribute the weight of the body over its entire surface area, reducing pressure points and relaxing the spinal musculature, relieving tension.

- Vertebral Function: Only at this point are we able to promote spacing between both the dorsal and lumbar vertebrae, reducing compression and crushing of the intervertebral discs, ultimately reducing the risk of vertebral compression.

Here are X-rays of a lumbar spine of a person with spinal compression.

In the image on the left we can see the way a person's vertebrae show up in x-rays when they are compressed. In the image on the right, on the other hand, we see how the vertebrae should look properly spaced.

The Evolved Orthopedic Mattress Topper

2-Layer Technology 7 Zones of support against spinal compression
7-Zone Support Layer

The first AirCell layer is our special open-cell formula that provides unprecedented levels of comfort. Its 7-zone structure promotes spacing between both back and lumbar vertebrae. Its conformation also serves to reduce pressure points by distributing the body's weight over the entire surface.

High-density support layer

The second layer with increased density is intended to support the upper layer at support zones, limiting its torsion and amplifying the decompression effect of variable amplitude waves.

7-Zone Support Layer
High-density support layer

The only biomedically tested products

German engineering, Italian manufacturing

Designed in biomedical laboratories in Germany

Find out how our products are tested and proven in biomedical laboratories in Germany to make sure they have the best spinal decompression effect

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Spinal spine alignment

Through state-of-the-art instruments, we strive to monitor the proper alignment of the cervical spine in every resting position. The goal is to ensure that no conditions occur that could lead to muscular or skeletal decompensation.

Pressure point analysis

This procedure measures how the body's weight is distributed over the resting surface. During the analysis, an individual lies on the product, and using advanced technology, the areas where the body exerts the most pressure are detected. This makes it possible to identify areas at risk of stress or discomfort, such as the shoulders, hips, or lower back.

Muscle relaxation

At this stage, thin electrodes are attached to the skin or inserted into the muscles to record the electrical signals generated during muscle contractions. This test is particularly important because it allows us to detect the actual ability of our products to reduce muscle tension and assess the quality of rest.

Spinal decompression

This advanced high-precision test aims to monitor the spine before and after the use of our products. By comparing the results against other products, our biomedical engineers can accurately assess how effectively the action of the products relieved compression on the discs and vertebrae.

According to experts

The opinions of experts whom we asked to test and express an opinion.
Dr. David Di Segni
Dr. Bruno Camerani

30 Days Free Return

2-year warranty
2-year warranty

30 Days Free Return

After purchase, if you have second thoughts, you can always return the product within the next 30 days, we will send the courier to pick up the goods at our expense and you will get a full refund.

You can also count on a 2-year warranty with immediate replacement in the case of product construction defects, but due to the quality of construction if used properly it can last even longer.

Customer Reviewsover 40,000 satisfied customers

Due to work and sports causes, I suffered heavily from cervical inflammation, with also severe dizziness and nausea resolved always with the intervention of several sessions at the physiotherapist and medication.

I bought several products to remedy the problem but would wake up in the morning with severe pains that were gradually becoming more and more unbearable and chronic.

Although unconvinced, I wanted to try as a last resort, this product, hoping that the reviews were true, since some even with major illnesses had benefited from it.

I can say that indeed after a period of settling in, which lasted even a fortnight where the pain seemed to get worse, I then found peace. Now I wake up truly invigorated.

I honestly didn't think but, it was money well spent and it worked on me!

Stefano Ricciotti★★★★★

I will be as brief as possible.
From 'purchase to delivery simply fast and accurate.
Relative to the product, a hybrid mattress, pillows and covers all of exceptional quality. I am very particular, pretentious and wary of online purchases, and Pharmaflex is definitely safe in every respect.
I am sleeping great, satisfied and comfortable for the money spent.
A very sincere thank you to the company.

Mattia Gambelli★★★★★

I am really very satisfied with their product. It is of unquestionable quality, definitely not as cheap as the competitors around but you can take this on deduction and most importantly you will be sure of what will accompany your sleep night after night. You will notice the difference from the very first night... It is an all-Italian company with impeccable costumer care! They have definitely become my reference for other products as well. Thank you


Fabulous products, I can no longer sleep in other beds.
I wake up much more rested and without back and neck pain. Highly recommended.

Customer service knowledgeable, punctual and kind. Most reliable seller.

Barbara Gabba★★★★★

For months every morning I used to get up with a very strong headache. Since I've been sleeping with this product ... already from the first time I woke up the headache was gone. I couldn't believe it. A great product, lightweight and very well finished. You can tell there is care in the product. Very happy to have purchased it. Highly recommended.

Raphael Vairo★★★★★

Product conforms to expectations.
High cost, but that also distinguishes the product in terms of quality from the many and cheaper on the market. Fast shipping.

Maria Grazia Doni★★★★★

More than positive experience. Item known on Facebook and Instagram and ordered as soon as possible. Arrived in a very short time in a vacuum. Already after the first night I woke up without the annoying pain in my neck and after more than two weeks I admit to waking up more relaxed and rested. I highly recommend the product.

Videos from customers

over 40,000 satisfied customers

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FAQFrequently asked questions

After purchase, if you have second thoughts, you can always return the product within the next 30 days, we will send the courier to pick up the goods at our expense and you will get a full refund.

You can also count on a 2-year warranty with immediate replacement in the case of product construction defects, but due to the quality of construction if used properly it can last even longer.

Of course. Our products are Class 1 medical devices. Therefore, you can take a 19% deduction, when filing your income tax return, either in 730 or in Personal Income (formerly UNICO PF Form).

Certainly, the covers are unlined and conveniently washable. The padding, however, should not be washed. See the user's manual for more information on this.

Free shipping and return. Expected delivery in 5 - 10 business days barring unforeseen circumstances

  • Tolerance of +/-2 cm on measurements.
  • Available in various sizes, including custom sizes (contact us if you need a custom size)
  • Height: 8cm +/- 5%


  1. First layer: memory foam with German-designed 7-zone support design for spinal decompression
  2. Second layer: high density memory foam


  • Polyester and carbon fiber cover and 3D fabric