Cervicalgia and reflux: what to do?

Cervicalgia and reflux: what to do?

May 03, 2023Pharmaflex Ltd.

Cervicalgia and reflux: what to do?

Surely you've noticed it yourself: when a bout of neck pain occurs, digestive disorders often occur as well. This happens because cervicalgia and reflux are two closely related phenomena, triggering a dangerous vicious cycle in which cause and effect feed off each other.

For this reason,it is not always obvious which is the primary cause: sometimes it is cervicalgia that causes reflux, other times it is gastroesophageal reflux that causes neck pain. The problem is that when both occur, resting becomes impossible. So let's delve into this issue and find out what is the solution to better sleep with cervicalgia and reflux.


Cervicalgia and reflux: is there a link between the two conditions?

This will surprise you, but yes, cervicalgia and gastroesophageal reflux are two conditions that can be related. For example, sometimescervicalgia can be caused by digestive problems caused by improper diet, allergies, food intolerances, or a particular sensitivity to certain foods. This happens because the vagus nerve, responsible for transmitting information about the condition of the digestive system, in communicating this state to the brain becomes inflamed itself, generating discomfort or even pain in the neck and nape of the neck.

Other times, however, the opposite happens, that is, it is cervicalgia that causes nausea, gastritis, and reflux during sleep. So what to do to solve cervicalgia and reflux?


Prevention of reflux and cervicalgia: what to do to reduce symptoms

Cervicalgia and acid reflux, therefore, often appear together and are related to each other. Evident, then, that treating the cervical disorder while ignoring the digestive problems is a futile effort. But beyond what causes cervicalgia and reflux, there is much you can do to regain well-being and peace of mind.

First, you need to take care of your diet. Going to sleep after eating heavy and spicy foods promotes gastroesophageal reflux, resulting in increased neck pain.


In addition, you have to pay close attention to posture, which not only affects neuromuscular tensions, but also affects the vagus nerve, causing problems in the digestive system. But be careful: when we talk about posture, we are not only referring to the way you stand, sit or walk, but also and especially the positions you assume while sleeping.


Cervicalgia and reflux: what to do to sleep better?

Do the symptoms of cervicalgia and reflux appear mostly while you sleep? This is normal. Sleeping incorrectly is certainly the best way to promote the onset of neck pain. The position of the neck, in fact, significantly affects the condition, which is why it is always advisable to rely on a pillow that knows how to position the head correctly.

The solution for cervicalgia, therefore, is a neck pillow that knows how to promote spacing between the C1 and C7 vertebrae, reducing compression and crushing of the discs.

cervical pillow


If, however, in addition to cervicalgia you also suffer from reflux, then the use of an orthopedic pillow will not be enough, because in order to prevent stomach acid from flowing back up the esophagus, you will also need to sleep with your torso slightly tilted.

To that end, therefore, you will need more support that can take care of your posture, and you certainly cannot rely on do-it-yourself remedies, such as blankets and pillows placed under the mattress, because doing so would aggravate cervicalgia. So what to do about cervicalgia and reflux? There is a solution and it is called Pharmaflex.


Pharmaflex's proposal as a solution to cervicalgia and reflux 

A specialist in sleep health, Pharmaflex is an Italian brand that designs and manufactures orthopedic medical devices approved by the Ministry of Health. The first product Pharmaflex focused on was the cervical pillow. But this product certainly could not be enough to solve the problems of those who suffered from neck and reflux together. 

For this reason, after years of study, here is the ultimate solution to the problem: the Reflux topper, which combined with the pillow Cervical, is able to reduce the symptoms of gastroesophageal disorder by ensuring the correct tilt to the torso, without the patient experiencing compression and tension in the cervical spine.

Topper reflux + cercival

Reflux topper: the topper to combat neck pain and reflux

The Reflux topper is the device you have been looking for to combat cervicalgia and reflux. Made of three layers, this topper performs 3 functions:

  • Anti-reflux function - thanks to a 10-degree tilt, provides the right support for the torso, preventing stomach acid from flowing up from the stomach into the esophagus during sleep.
  • anti-cervicalgia function-the topper's inclination is designed so that the cervical spine can remain well aligned at all times.
  • decompression function-the topper's structure promotes spacing between the dorsal and lumbar vertebrae, evenly distributing body weight across the surface.

Thanks to this reflux topper, therefore, you will be able to sleep by raising your torso just enough to prevent the rise of acid, but without going to burden your spine, let alone your neck. If you then want to ensure a restful sleep and get up in the morning refreshed and rested, consider the suggestion of sleep specialists: to the Reflux topper, combine the pillow Cervical.

Reflux Topper


Pharmaflex Cervical: extra support for greater well-being

The Pharmaflex neck pillow is considered the best on the market for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is its innovative 5-layer technology. Compared to memory foam, in fact, this technology is significantly more effective and combines layers of different textures to meet the specific needs of the person using it:

  • Layer 1 - made from AirCell, an innovative highly air-permeable material, this layer ensures maximum comfort for the face and head.
  • Layer 2-this memory foam layer relaxes spinal muscles and relieves cervical tension.
  • Layer 3 -the third layer is made of viscoelastic, which promotes spacing of the cervical vertebrae, reducing compression and crushing of the discs.
  • Layer 4 - made of polyurethane foam, this layer acts as a breathable system, which helps keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Layer 5-the fifth and final layer is again made of AirCell to provide an immediate sensation of pleasure.

To ensure maximum comfort, these 5 layers are encased in a carbon fiber, which has antibacterial, antiviral, hypoallergenic properties and up to 5 times more durability than a regular under-pillow. 

In short, Pharmaflex has really thought of everything. If you're looking for an effective solution to relieve the symptoms of neck pain and reflux, try the Cervical pillow and Reflux topper. Visit our website to learn more and improve the quality of your sleep!



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